Virginia Transportation Secretary Seeks to Remove Pro-Labor Incentives from High Speed Rail Project

Last Wednesday, the Virginia Transportation Secretary, Sean Connaughton, attended the “State of the Rail to Loudon” breakfast and made a speech. Public officials often attend breakfast gatherings and make speeches, but they do not often criticize unions or labor incentives. The gathering, which was sponsored by the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce, had to do […]

Construction Activity Recedes in February 2012, Putting a Damper on a Hopeful Start to the Year

Despite a previously aggressive outlook from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, construction spending fell again for the second straight month in February of 2012.  In the second month of the year, construction spending fell by the largest amount in seven months. Widespread weakness in spending on home building, office construction and government projects […]

Does Anyone Know You’re Working?

On many projects, mechanics lien claims are substantially limited or destroyed because the owner did not know the claimant was working on the Project.  In most states, pre-lien notices are required in order to file a lien claim, and waiting to provide the notice can limit lien rights. Providing a notice that work is being […]