Who has mechanic’s lien rights in Arizona?

You have the right to file a mechanic’s lien in Arizona if you have furnished the following in the construction, alteration, repair, or improvement of any building, or other structure : labor, materials, professional services, fixtures, tools, and/or plans. Even though you may have provided a service listed above, you MUST have a contract with the owner or […]

What information must be included In a Alaska Mechanic’s Lien?

Should you need to enforce the mechanic’s lien, you must be careful that the information included in the Alaska Mechanic’s Lien is valid and will not void the lien. Almost every day, I am asked if the cost of filing a lien is allowed to be included in the amount due listed on the mechanic’s […]

Breaking News: North Carolina’s Poorly Drafted Lien Laws Spur Title Insurance to Refuse Coverage

A nonsensical system for mechanics lien filing currently exists in North Carolina: the State does not permit (absent certain circumstances) the filing of a mechanics lien by anyone without a direct contract with the owner. However, the State does permit mechanics liens by subcontractors, suppliers, etc., but only requires that the construction lien be served, not […]

Prelien Notice and Notice of Furnishing and Notice to Owner, oh my! Which is Which?

As if filing a lien wasn’t confusing enough, each state has its own requirements about what you need to do before you file the lien.  Pennsylvania requires that subcontractors provide the owner with a prelien notice 30 days before they file a lien. New Jersey requires that on public projects a notice of furnishing be […]