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Mechanics Liens and Construction Liens

The ultimate tool for payment, mechanics liens, also known as construction liens, are filed in order to use the owner's property to secure payment for the work you did on their construction project.

Bond Claim

When a prime contractor has a bond, make a claim against it to get your cash. Bonds are almost always required on government run projects. Whenever a payment bond exists, a claim should be made against it for unpaid balances.

Notice of Non-payment

A quick way to let the owner and contractor know you haven't been paid, and will file a lien if payment isn't made ASAP.

Notice of Intent to Lien

Some states require this notice be filed and sent to the owner before an actual lien is filed. It's the last chance for the owner to resolve the payment issues before a lien encumbers their property.

Stop Notice

Used to stop payments to whoever owes you money on the project. Make sure no one gets paid until you do.

Prelien Notice

If you want to get paid, the person paying needs to know who you are. Preliens tell everyone you started work and they trigger your right to file a lien in case you don't get paid.

Notice to Owner

Required in states like Florida on every project when you start work. If you forget to send a notice to owner, you may not be able to file a lien if you run into payment issues.

20 Day Notice or Preliminary Notice

States like California require 20 day notices, which are sent to the owner within 20 day of beginning work on the project. Failing to send one can limit your right to payment.

Notice of Furnishing

Send a notice of furnishing right when you begin work or deliver materials to make sure your lien rights are protected and you get paid for work you performed.

Lien Releases & Discharges

There's nothing better than getting paid! Finish up the payment process with a release of lien or a lien discharge. These documents remove the lien from the property records, and should be filed after payment is received.

Lien Amendment

Did something change? If you've received partial payment, made a mistake on your lien form, or something else changed since you initially filed a construction lien, an amendment is probably the way to fix it.

Lien Extension

Every lien has an expiration date. Only a few states, like New York, allow you to extend your lien before it expires and becomes unenforceable. Use a lien extension before your expriation date is up, and you'll give your lien additional life for a year or even two.

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Whether you need information regarding mechanics liens - including construction liens and property liens - prelien notices, bond claims, stop notices, lien releases, lien extensions, or lien amendments, we've worked hard to put it all within the click of a mouse. Stop here at our reference desk to access general information for documents you want to file. State specific lien FAQs are designed to help you parse out whether a lien document is right for you. Finally, if our general lien information is not enough, you can take a direct look at each state's statutes to find the answer.

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